Battery Powered Motorcycles for Kids and Toddler Motorcycles

Motorcycles made just for your little speedsters. Most of our toddler and kids motorcycles are made in Europe by Injusa and Feber, have met both European and USA safety regulations and are the top of the range for younger riders. The Mini Motos and Kalee bikes have all met stringent US safety regulations. All are very sturdy and will provide years of exciting riding for your youngsters.

Shipping is FREE to continental USA


Kalee Dirt Bike 12v

Injusa Scooter Duo 6v Pink

MotoTec 36v Electric Pocket Bike

Dirt Bike Injusa Scooter Electric Pocket Bike

Injusa Scooter Duo 6v Green

 Indian Motorcyle 6v

Injusa Motocross Thunder Max VX 12v

Injusa Scooter

Indian Scooter

Injusa Thunder Max

Kalee Custom Chopper 12v Green

Febercross MotoX 6v Dirt Bike

Injusa Repsol Wind Motorcycle 6v

Custom Chopper Febercross MotoX Injusa Repsol

Mini Motos Red Hawk Motorcycle 12v

Feber Mega Racing Bike 6v Motorcycle

Police Patrol Motorcycle

Red Hawk Mega Racing Police Patrol

Gas Powered Motorbike

Mini Moto 6volt motorbike

MotoTec 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w

Gas Powered 6Volt 24Volt

Injusa Scooter Duo 6v Green

MotoTec 24v Electric Moped

MotoTec 24v Electric Mini Bike

Injusa Beauty 24Volt Pink 24Volt

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