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Henes Broon F830 12v Car with Tablet (RC) MotoTec Wheelman V2 50cc Gas Skateboard Black Comet Pedal Cars
F830 12v RC

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Welcome to Pedal Car Power, the home of Pedal Cars, Pedal Planes , Tricycles, Battery Powered Ride-on Toys and much more. Undoubtedly, pedal power is back and more and more parents are looking for fun, healthy, outdoor toys for their youngsters. A pedal toy will help to develop your child's motor skills and the exercise of pedaling helps to build little muscles and strengthen hearts and lungs.
Even the new battery powered cars and motorcycles are designed to help our children's co-ordination! And importantly, these ride-ons are designed to be used outside in the fresh air. Every child deserves the opportunity to experience the joy of owning one of these classic pedal toys or a sleek battery powered kids ride-on. We even have Skateboards, Scooters, and Electric Bikes for the big kids and adults.

Your choice of pedal car or battery powered ride-on has never been easier!

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Styled from the classic originals, these outstanding pedal cars, pedal planes and retro tricycles will spark the imagination of any mini racing car driver, junior pilot or adult collector. From the very authentic Toys Toys pedal cars to the reproduction Sadface Cars and the beautifully made Jalopies these pedal cars are sure to be a family favorite, passed down from generation to generation. The ever popular Tricycle will provide hours of healthy fun and create long lasting memories for a whole new generation of kids. Even our extensive range of battery powered kids riding toys are sure to be a hit with both young and old and we have plenty of foot to floor ride-ons specially for the toddlers.


Pink Pedal Cars

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Pink Pedal Cars

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Pedal cars were most popular in the late 1920s and early 1930s, usually the toys of upper class kids. During the '50s – '60s, the pedal car was back and by the '70s, pedal cars were becoming collectors' items. All of our pedal cars, pedal planes and tricycles are built for years of fun and play and are so sturdy they will be handed down to your child's kids! Junior Firemen will love our Authentic Fire Truck pedal car and little policemen, our Sadface Police pedal car. Budding pilots will soar in a Silver Pursuit pedal plane or maybe even a Red Barron and our Road Hog tricycles are just the thing for little bikers. Even your princess can soon be driving her very own Pink pedal car or Pink pedal plane. And if you're a diecast model collector, these outstanding limited edition diecast model cars are beautifully detailed and finished with opening hoods, doors, trunks and detailed engines. These pedal cars, pedal planes, tricycles and diecast model cars are perfect antique toys for kids and collectors alike.

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Fire Truck Pedal Car Rastar Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 6v (Remote Controlled) Quadra Byke (three bikes in one)

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Quadra Byke

Years of research has proven, without a doubt, that play time has a crucial role in the optimal growth, learning, and development of children from babies right through adolescence. It has been observed that play involving physical activity is closely related to the development and refinement of children's gross and fine motor skills and their body awareness. The vigorous use of their bodies in physical exercise simultaneously refines and develops skills that enable them to feel more confident, secure and self-assured.

Not only are pedal cars and pedal ride on toys wonderful gifts for your child or grandchild, but also will help with their physical and mental development as they pedal around the yard engrossed in the imaginative play only a child can dream of.

So, whether you’re shopping for your son, daughter or grandchild, or even adding to your own collection, the range of Pedal Cars, Pedal Planes , Tricycles, Pedal Tractors, Battery Powered Cars, Toddler Ride-ons and Die cast Model cars here at Pedal Car Power are sure to catch your eye.

Don't give them any old toy, invest in their health and give them Pedal Power!


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